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Program4Pc Video Converter Pro 9.3

Converts your video files from/to a large number of formats
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As its name implies, this is a full-featured video converter that supports a really large number of source and destination formats and codecs. The program, however, allows you to do much more than simple video conversion as it also extracts the audio from your video files, authors DVD movies, downloads online videos and creates stunning slideshows from your photos and audio files.

Considering all the functions this program provides, its user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The process starts by adding your source video, audio and/or image files, though you can also add DVD movies from different sources: a DVD disc, a VIDEO_TS folder or an ISO image file. Another possibility is to provide an online video's URL and let the program automatically download it and add it to your conversion list. For each source video you can select the audio and subtitle tracks to be used (when more that one are available), simply remove them or replace them using your own audio and subtitle files. Moreover, you can also use the built-in video editor to crop, trim, flip, rotate, deinterlace and apply different effects to your source video files, and to equalize and enhance their audio streams. As for the image files, if you add two or more of them the program automatically converts them into a slideshow that you can also edit by changing the images order, adjusting their size, adding a background music and image, and setting the rotation interval in seconds. Unfortunately, the program doesn't offer transition effects for your slideshows.

Once your source list is ready, it's time to proceed with the output format definition. For this, the program includes a clear and self-explanatory toolbar with big buttons on the bottom side of the main window. Each button represents a category, being them "to Phone", "to Tablet", "to TV", "to Game", "to Video", "to Audio", "to 3D", "to Web" and "to DVD". Each category, in time, includes multiple formats you can choose from. You may have already noticed that many of the categories represent presets for different types of portable devices, while others are general audio and video formats. You even count on a "Search" panel that allows you to totally or partially type the device name or format you are looking for, and the program automatically shows all the related options it includes. As for the "to DVD" option, it opens a new Window where you can set the DVD title, the TV standard, the aspect ratio and the output quality, and select one of the available menu templates to modify it according to your liking. Then you can click on the "Convert" button to get your DVD movie burned on a blank disc, saved as an ISO file, or saved as a regular DVD folder on your hard disk.

All in all, Program4Pc Video Converter Pro is one of the most powerful and comprehensive video converters I have ever tested, as it perfectly combines functionality and ease of usage. By the way, the program also allows you to create customized presets for regular video conversion. As compared with other video converters, the price of this one turns it even more attractive for any potential buyer.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Converts videos from/to a large number of formats and codecs
  • Extracts the audio from your DVD/Video files
  • Authors DVD movies
  • Downloads online videos
  • Creates slideshows from your photos and audio files
  • Replaces your videos' audio and subtitle tracks
  • Edits your video files in several ways
  • Includes presets for multiple types and brands of portable devices
  • Create your own customized presets


  • Doesn't offer transition effects for the slideshow creation function
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